דר' אליזבט קיי - טיפול במוזיקה וקול בירושלים

Dr. Elizabeth Kay - Certified Music and Voice Therapist


Certified music and voice therapist licensed by the Health Ministry with a Ph.D. in the field from Bar-Ilan University. Extensive clinical experience treating children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Treats emotional, social, behavioral, developmental and neurological conditions as well as pathological vocal issues stemming from an emotional or physical origin.
Experienced working with the Israeli Ministry of Health, Education, Defense, Welfare and Social Services, with foster care services and governmental psychological services as music therapist and professional staff supervisor. Additional experience in child development centers, special education schools, homes for children at risk, community centers, psychiatric hospitals and hostels, facilities for the handicapped, rehabilitation centers for the hearing and speech impaired and trauma centers.
Serves today as director of The Lord Taylor Music & Voice Therapy Clinic at the David Yellin Academic College of Education in Jerusalem, provides parental guidance, supervises professionals and students in the field of music and voice therapy, lectures and conducts workshops. Additionally instructs healthcare professionals on therapeutically applying music in their practice. Works with both secular and religious communities.